Defective Product Results in Dallas Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Case Title: Meyer v. Cooper Industries, et al

Workplace injuries suffered due to negligence or faulty tools can tragically and permanently change the lives of an employee and their family, as happened to elevator technician Michael Meyer just days before Christmas 2018.

A Debilitating On-the-Job Injury

Meyer lost the use of his right arm, suffered severe damage to the left, and suffered other permanent and debilitating injuries in a December 7, 2018, accident while servicing an elevator in a Dallas office building.

Meyer and his crew, employees of a Dallas company, were replacing the jack of a four-story hydraulic elevator. Using industry-standard techniques and procedures, Meyer and his colleagues were lowering a 45-foot-long, 8-inch diameter steel casing into the PVC outer lining into an underground hole beneath the bed of the elevator shaft.

Description of the Workplace Accident

As Meyer was guiding the casing into the PVC lining, a riser clamp securing the steel tube suddenly broke, allowing the casing to plunge uncontrolled into the hole. The upper end of the steel casing that had been suspended crashed into Meyer, partially severing his right arm, crushing his left arm, and striking him in the head.

The manufacturer certified that the broken clamp had a 2,500 lb. weight limit. The steel casing weighed less than 2,000 lbs.

In addition to the loss of use of his right arm and severe injuries to his left arm, Meyer suffered a severe concussion, massive blood loss, and other serious injuries.

A Positive Outcome for Our Clients

Slack Davis Sanger partner John Jose, representing Meyer, and his wife, Kimberly Meyer, filed a lawsuit charging the manufacturer and distributors with designing, producing, and selling a defective, Chinese-manufactured clamp. The defendants included both U.S. and Chinese entities.

Defendants settled the lawsuit pre-trial, paying confidential amounts to Meyer for his injuries, disabilities, and loss of future income.

John Jose is a compassionate attorney who has focused his entire career on helping clients who were seriously injured and those who lost loved ones in accidents. He has extensive experience with cases that arise from oilfield accidents, electrocution accidents, gas explosions, construction accidents, and heavy truck collisions.

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