Murphy v. Excel Site Rentals LLC

On November 11, 2017, an employee of Consolidated Well Services LLC was working as a floor hand on the Yoder 2-H well site in Bradford Country, Pennsylvania. A power swivel unit owned and operated by Excel Site Rentals LLC rotated unintentionally as the worker was reaching to release the elevators. His glove was caught by the swivel unit and his body was thrown, breaking his left arm in various places and permanently injuring his shoulder, arm and hand.

Witnesses confirmed that the power swivel unit had been malfunctioning by rotating without control, but the operator chose to use it anyway. The use of the faulty power swivel unit ultimately resulted in the catastrophic injury of our client. John Jose, partner at Slack Davis Sanger, secured a confidential settlement for the client to help pay for his medical costs, recovery and loss of income.

Date of Incident

November 24, 2019

Location of Incident

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