Austin Law Firm Slack Davis Sanger Announces New Scholarship

Austin, TX-based Slack Davis Sanger LLP is pleased to announce the launch of a new Business Administration scholarship. The scholarship is intended to commemorate the semi-retirement of the firm’s first employee, Bonnie Zook, and will award $3,000 to a student studying Business Administration or Law at an accredited college or university.

Slack Davis Sanger LLP Co-Founding and Managing Partner Mike Slack states, “Law firm administrators are the lifeblood of a successful law firm, and Bonnie Zook is no exception. Over the past 30 years, her oversight of the day-to-day operations of our firm has enabled us to become a leader in the aviation litigation field worldwide.”

The scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis, and the firm hopes that it will help hard-working, talented students make their way past financial obstacles that might have otherwise turned them away from pursuing careers in these fields. Slack Davis Sanger LLP attributes much of its success to individuals like Bonnie Zook, and the scholarship is their way of giving back to the communities that produced the gifted minds that propel the firm as well as their peers.

Students may apply for the Bonnie Zook Annual Business Administration Scholarship via the dedicated page on the firm’s official website. To confirm eligibility, they must submit proof of enrollment for the upcoming academic year, two recommendations from a faculty or staff member at the university or school, and an essay (up to 1,000 words) on why they are interested in Business Administration or Law. The scholarship page also has a form that must be completed and submitted alongside all of these materials in full. The firm must have received applications no later than June 1, 2024, to be considered eligible. The winning applicant will be notified by August 1, 2024.

The firm adds that high school students can submit a letter from a teacher from the previous year. All applicants are encouraged to read the requirements in full to ensure their application has every chance of being selected.

Some students may wish to learn more about Slack Davis Sanger LLP itself. The firm consists of a team of personal injury lawyers and support staff whose mission is to protect the rights of people who have suffered due to another’s negligence — whether the party responsible is a single individual or a much larger entity (such as a corporation). In fact, the firm is equally capable and willing to take on virtually everyone on this scale, from individuals to multinational corporations. Their primary goal is to help their client be made whole once more after they suffer an injury.

About Slack Davis Sanger LLP

The firm’s case history spans a number of practice areas, from truck and car accidents to wrongful death, medical malpractice, and more. However, many associate Slack Davis Sanger LLP with aviation litigation due largely to its track record of winning high-profile cases over the years. The firm has represented the victims of aviation accidents (and their surviving family members) for decades, keeping them from being overwhelmed by the challenges posed by lengthy aviation lawsuits. The firm’s goal is always to take every measure possible to ensure the client receives optimum compensation for their losses.

About the Bonnie Zook Business Administration Scholarship

Those who wish to learn more about the Bonnie Zook Annual Business Administration Scholarship or any other aspect of the firm’s work may contact Stephanie Eitrheim of Slack Davis Sanger LLP at or to get started. The personal injury and airplane accident attorneys can be reached via phone, email, and the contact form on their official website. Alternatively, social media users may connect with the firm on Facebook, Twitter, and so on.