Dallas Plane Crash Kills 10 People – WFAA and People Magazine Speak to Ladd Sanger on Tragic Crash

On Sunday, June 30, two crew members and eight passengers, including a family of four, were tragically killed when their twin-engine Beechcraft BE-350 King Air crashed into a hangar at the Addison Municipal Airport and burst into flames. WFAA and People Magazine spoke with Ladd Sanger who was preparing his aircraft for a flight later in the week at the same airport and heard the impact nearby.

Sanger, who has worked on cases involving other Beechcraft King Air planes that crashed shortly after takeoff, stated that the NTSB will look at causes of the crash, including a possible weight distribution issue or engine failure. According to the WFAA, this crash was the deadliest in Texas since 1991.

“The fact that this airplane was so close to the ground and departed controlled flight so abruptly – means there has to be something that went seriously wrong – and the pilot had very, very little time,” said Sanger.

Witnesses captured footage of the plane veering left, rolling over and clipping the hanger before crashing. Audio from air traffic control did not indicate that the pilot reported any trouble, but a witness noticed that the plane had clearly reduced power shortly before the accident.

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