Families of Kerrville Plane Crash Victims File Lawsuit Against Pilot’s Estate

On April 22, 2019, a twin-engine Beechcraft BE58 crashed in Kerrville resulting in the death of all six passengers. The families of three of the victims have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jeffrey Carl Weiss’ estate alleging that Weiss, the pilot, was negligent and failed to properly operate the twin-engine plane before the crash roughly 6 miles from its destination, Kerrville Municipal Airport.

Dallas Managing Partner Ladd Sanger, who represents a widow of the crash, explained that the way the plane malfunctioned — referred to as a “flat spin” — indicates possible fuel issues. A flat spin is when the plane is horizontal and not pointing downward, causing the forces of the airplane to be in equilibrium.

“That is an indication there might have been some sort of power interruption on at least one engine,” said Sanger.

Since the National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating, the opportunity for lawsuits will be limited until the findings are revealed, noted Sanger.

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