Hawaii Skydiving Tour Plane Crash Kills 11 People – Ladd Sanger Interviewed by KITV4 on Possible Factors

A skydiving tour operated by Oahu Parachute Center turned fatal when the plane crashed off the shore of Oahu, killing all 11 people onboard – making it the deadliest accident involving a U.S civil plane since 2011.The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has called for further regulations on parachute operations and is putting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on notice. In an interview with KITV4, Dallas Managing Partner Ladd Sanger discussed the possible factors that contributed to the plane’s downfall.

“It seems like they had more people in it than what it’s certified for. That can be allowed if you have a skydiving aircraft and you have your seats removed, but you still can’t change the basic physics of the airplanes with those engines that can only lift a certain weight. And if you overload that weight, that’s a problem,” stated Sanger.

Sanger said that in order to reduce the likelihood of a similar problem occurring, pilots have a checklist to follow before takeoff to ensure the plane is performing correctly. In this instance, no safety and quality procedures were conducted.

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