Loophole in U.S. Allows Foreign Aircraft Owners to Circumvent the Law – WFAA Interviews Ladd Sanger on Tragic 2013 Mexico Plane Crash

In 2013, a helicopter crashed into a golf course in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, resulting in the death of five people. Families of three of the victims who were killed turned to Dallas Managing Partner Ladd Sanger to obtain justice, but unfortunately, a loophole in U.S. law allows foreigners to obscure ownership of their aircrafts, making it difficult to locate the owner. In an interview with WFAA Dallas, Sanger expressed his concerns on the implications of this loophole and how it allows the owners to evade liability.

“I was never able to figure out who was responsible for the helicopter accident,” said Sanger. “We see many instances of people from foreign countries who are using the trust loophole to circumvent the law.” According to Sanger, this law also makes the United States vulnerable to drug dealers and terrorists who are not obligated to reveal their identity and aspire to gain better access to the United States.

To date, the aircraft’s insurance company and the aircraft company have not responded to the lawsuit.

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