Michael Slack Responds to Fatal WWII Plane Crash on KXAN

Following the fatal crash of a World War II P-51D Mustang Fighter plane in Fredericksburg, Texas, KXAN interviewed Michael Slack, licensed pilot and owner of a WWII aircraft, on what may have caused the accident, which killed the 73-year-old pilot and his passenger, a 93-year-old WWII B-17 pilot.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration had not yet confirmed the details of the crash, based on eyewitness accounts, Slack believes the pilot may have failed to pull the nose of the plane high enough before attempting to perform a roll maneuver, causing the aircraft to crash into the parking lot of an apartment complex. Slack also noted that WWII-era combat aircraft can be challenging to maintain, since parts are scarce and may need to be fabricated.

Slack added, however, “Generally speaking, the age of a well-maintained, properly-maintained aircraft is not that important. What matters is the pilot and how the pilot operates the aircraft.”

Watch the KXAN interview.