Mike Slack Featured on CBS Austin: Beechcraft BE58 Twin-Engine Airplane Kills Six in Kerrville Crash

A plane crash in Kerrville left six people dead, and while the cause of the crash hasn’t been determined, CBS Austin turned to Managing Partner Mike Slack to discuss the possible factors that could have caused the crash.

“According to public data, the plane was flying low and slow before the crash, very close to a speed at which it would stall,” said Slack. “We don’t know why the pilot was flying that low and slow. There could have been a problem with the plane, or he may have been trying to drop below the cloud cover in the area at the time to ‘take a peek’ at the path of flight. The latter is very dangerous, especially given the terrain in that area.”

The Federal Aviation Agency and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

Watch the full segment.