Slack Davis Sanger attorney cited on United Flight 328 engine failure

 Dallas Managing Partner Ladd Sanger shared his technical aviation knowledge with several news outlets regarding the United Flight 328 uncontained engine failure that occurred on February 20, 2021 on a Boeing 777 commercial airplane en route to Honolulu, Hawaii from Denver, Colo.

Some Boeing 777 airplanes grounded after United Flight 328 scare over Denver

The Denver Gazette and sister publication, the Colorado Springs Gazette, quoted Sanger about the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to require more engine inspections for Boeing 777 airplanes using Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines.

“A one-off failure is a serious event to source the root cause,” said Sanger, who is also a pilot. “But when you have two like this in such a short period of time, that means the manufacturer is pushing the service life of those rotating blades further. … Having these failures occur in operation means the service life of some parts has gone too long.”

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Autopsy of engine parts will help determine what caused explosion

Denver-based Fox 31, KDVR interviewed Ladd Sanger on the inspection process for the Pratt & Whitney engines.

“Uncontained engine failures should be a very rare event in commercial airline aviation,” said Ladd Sanger who is a pilot and aviation attorney.

Sanger is based in Texas and has worked on other cases involving catastrophes.

Sanger says investigators will closely inspect every part of the Pratt & Whitney engines, including the blades that broke up in the engine that exploded Saturday.

“There are a lot of components on an aircraft that are either on calendar or operational time-limited meaning they have to be replaced,” said Sanger.

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