Class Action Lawsuits

In a marketplace where goods are mass produced often outside of the United States, many consumers can suffer as a result of a company’s manufacturing or corporate practices. Class action lawsuits provide a legal tool for groups of people who have been hurt to combine efforts and resources. Class action lawsuits enable groups of people to pursue claims against large corporations that have wronged consumers and profited from unethical behavior. The saying about strength in numbers certainly applies here. These proceedings have encouraged companies to adopt social changes, correct serious abuses of power, and have discouraged future unsafe or hurtful behavior.

Types of class action suits include:

  • Consumer rights, which pursue compensation for your economic losses, usually as a result of excessive fees, ethically suspect business practices, antitrust claims, and defective products.
  • Securities claims that involve investors in a company who want to recover losses resulting from a managerial decision or your broker’s actions, which might include backdating of options, issuing inaccurate statements surrounding future earnings, and inconsistent accounting practices.
  • Environmental, in which a group of people are exposed to an environmental hazard.
  • Mass torts, typically involving a large number of people who have personal injury claims against a company because of a dangerous product or business practice.
  • Civil rights cases, which have the goal of changing behavior of a particular group.

The class action lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger are experienced in navigating the complicated set of laws related to class action lawsuits. We can help you stand up to big corporations and recover the damages you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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