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Dillon Vaughn is an Associate Attorney in the firm’s Fort Worth office. He brings youth and enthusiasm to all of his cases and is dedicated to helping his clients obtain justice.

Dillon worked as a legal intern for the firm for a year prior to joining full-time as an attorney in August 2020. Prior to joining Slack Davis Sanger, Dillon served as a legal intern with the University of Texas Medical Branch where he assisted in drafting motions in a variety of complex litigation matters.

Dillon received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Abilene Christian University. He was Captain of the golf team and was a two-time Academic All-American athlete. He received his J.D. from Texas A&M School of Law and was a staff member of Law Review. He is a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association.


  • B.B.A. Abilene Christian University
  • J.D., Texas A&M School of Law

Professional Associations

  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
Dillon Vaughn



Discriminatory Auto Insurance Rates Result in Significant Settlement

Case title: Grigson, et al. v. Farmers Group, Inc. (W.D. Tex.) In 2017, Charles Grigson filed a class action lawsuit against Farmers Insurance Group, Inc. alleging discriminatory rates. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of all Farmers auto insurance customers in the state of Texas who were policyholders in the Farmers Auto 2.0 (FA2) book.…

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Malfunctioning Power Swivel Unit Results in Catastrophic Personal Injury Lawsuit

Case Title: Murphy v. Excel Site Rentals, LLC On November 11, 2017, an employee of Consolidated Well Services LLC was working as a floor hand on the Yoder 2-H well site in Bradford Country, Pennsylvania. A power swivel unit owned and operated by Excel Site Rentals, LLC rotated unintentionally as the worker reached to release…

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Defective Product Results in Dallas Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Case Title: Meyer v. Cooper Industries, et al Workplace injuries suffered due to negligence or faulty tools can tragically and permanently change the lives of an employee and their family, as happened to elevator technician Michael Meyer just days before Christmas 2018. A Debilitating On-the-Job Injury Meyer lost the use of his right arm, suffered…

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Estate of Vincent Losada v. Pea Hochso, LLC

On November 17, 2018, a North American P51, N4132A, crashed into an apartment building parking lot near Fredericksburg, Texas. The pilot and passenger suffered fatal injuries, and the plane was destroyed. The purpose of the flight was a fly-over of a World War II educational presentation and reenactment. On the day of the crash, the…

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Defective Fuel Tank Results in Aviation Lawsuit

Case Title: Nemec v. Robinson Helicopter On April 13, 2006, a Robinson R44 helicopter with registration number N123CK, carrying a pilot and four passengers crashed from just a few feet above the ground and burst into flames. The impact was survivable, and there were no traumatic injuries to the occupants caused by the crash itself.…

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Stockbridge v. Heliservices

On August 8, 2020, a helicopter conducting a survey of bighorn sheep in the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area crashed and killed three passengers. The passengers were doing work for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD). The firm filed suit against the helicopter operator contracted by the TPWD. The case is currently pending in…

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Parts Manufacturer Negligence Results in Military Aviation Lawsuit

Case Title: Kohl, et al. v. Triumph On March 16, 2013, an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter crashed during a test-fire exercise north of Kandahar, Afghanistan. At the time of the incident, the helicopter had performed a shallow dive, leveled off, and then entered a climbing right turn to repeat the maneuver. At that point, the…

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Carter/McNair v. Rolls-Royce Corporation

On June 5, 2008, a United States Kiowa Warrior helicopter, OH58D, crashed near Kandahar, Afghanistan, killing the pilot and passenger. The pilot was conducting a general maintenance flight in which he was required to put the helicopter into autorotation. As he did so, the Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) unit failed, causing a loss…

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Wheelchair Ambulift Accident Results in Montreal Convention Lawsuit

Case Title: Sherian and Mughal v. Emirates In February 2018, a wheelchair ambulift used in loading an Emirates flight from Islamabad, Pakistan to Dubai, UAE, with an eventual destination of Houston, Texas, toppled over with passengers aboard. Slack Davis Sanger represented two passengers injured in this accident. In both cases, the passengers were fully ambulatory…

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Espinosa, Andres v. American Airlines

Slack Davis Sanger represented a client who was injured on an international flight, American Airlines Flight 1177, from Quito, Ecuador, to Dallas/Fort Worth in November 2016. During this flight, an airplane crew member opened an overhead bin over the client’s head in an attempt to retrieve another passenger’s luggage. The luggage slipped from her hands…

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