Premier Austin Accident Lawyers

For almost 30 years, the lawyers at Slack Davis Sanger have been handling major personal injury and death accident cases in Texas and across the United States.  Our lawyers have handled or tried major accident lawsuits in state or federal courts in 39 different states.  A significant portion of those are aviation accident cases.

Known nationally and internationally as one of the premier aviation accident law firms in the United States, we take on the most complex and challenging types of accident cases.  Slack Davis Sanger has successfully resolved hundreds of aviation accident cases including those arising from scheduled airline flights, air tour and sightseeing operations, charter flights, air ambulance flights, training flights, military flights, and general aviation flights.  Obviously, we have considerable experience with many makes and models of airplanes and helicopters as well as hot air balloons, gliders and the entities which manufacture and maintain them.

With our home office in Austin, Texas and offices in Dallas and Fort Worth we have a team of 10 highly skilled and experienced attorneys based in a state that serves the nation as a major transportation hub for airline and business aviation operations.  Several domestic and foreign airlines and aviation manufacturers are based in Texas or have established major facilities in the state.  As our record demonstrates, we are prepared to litigate an accident case in any court in the United States.

Our aviation lawyers have extensive legal and technical experience in aviation.  We know how aircraft and their systems operate and we understand why accidents occur.  We are experienced accident investigators.  Several of our aviation attorneys are active pilots and our founding aviation partner has advanced degrees in aerospace engineering and experience working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Our extensive in-house technical and legal knowledge is unmatched allowing us to independently assess, evaluate and prosecute aviation cases for our clients.

Our expertise in major transportation accidents goes beyond aviation to cases involving major truck and auto accidents.  The technical skills developed in aviation cases is applied in cases involving ground-based transportation accidents.  Like aviation, Texas is a major transportation center for transport trucking and automobile manufacturers.  As automation systems begin to find their way into trucks and automobiles, we are already handling accidents related to automation defects relying on aviation background and experience with automated flight systems.

Additionally, our lawyers include specialists handling construction site and oilfield accidents, medical negligence cases, whistleblower suits and class actions.

Of our team of active lawyers, three have been elected members of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), Mike Slack, Paula Sweeney, and John Jose, one has been elected to the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers. Two lawyers are past presidents of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Mike Slack and Paula Sweeney, and are Governors of the American Association of Justice.  Mike Slack has been voted an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and was named a Distinguished Aerospace Engineering Alumni by Texas A&M University.  Four of our lawyers are named to Thomson Reuters Texas Super Lawyers, Mike Slack (2003-present), Ladd Sanger (2008-present), Paula Sweeney (2001-present), John Jose (2003 - present) and Best Lawyers in America® BL Rankings, Mike Slack (1999-present), Ladd Sanger (2009-present), Paula Sweeney (1995-present), John Jose (2005 - present), and Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers, Rising Stars Ladd Sanger (2004-2007) and John Davis (2018-present).

At Slack Davis Sanger, we value the trust our clients have placed in us, and we welcome the opportunity to serve those who have been tragically affected by an aviation or transportation accident.