Bottom Line Personal Turns to Ladd Sanger on How to Make Sure a Charter Airline is Safe

Although the safety record of commercial airlines has made flyers feel more secure, that reputation unfortunately doesn’t carry over to charter flights. In the Bottom Line Personal article “How to…Make Sure a Charter Airline is Safe,” Partner Ladd Sanger provides insight on how to assess whether a US-based charter flight is safe, especially in light of high accident rates and minimal government oversight.

“One way to reduce your risk on charter flights: Fly only in a twin-engine plane that has two pilots,” said Sanger. He explained that these planes with multi-pilots can typically land safely even if a problem occurs with the engine or pilot. Sanger also recommends opting for a twin-engine jet when possible, as charter-jet pilots are subjected to more rigorous training requirements.

According to Sanger other safety protocols include asking to see the operator’s Part 135 certificate, the operator’s facilities and a copy of their insurance declaration. He also recommended searching for any other certifications on Aviation Research Group or Wyvern’s websites.

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