Exclusive Interview for February Sweeps: News 4 San Antonio Features Ladd Sanger on the Deadly Loophole of Hog Hunting Helicopters

Feral hog hunting from helicopters is big business in Texas, however it also carries big risks that can have catastrophic consequences. News 4 San Antonio interviewed Ladd Sanger on the dangers of these hog hunting excursions, as well as the lawsuit he is handling for Thomas Swan, a Medina County organic farmer, who was injured when the helicopter he was riding in crashed.

According to Sanger, NTSB documents indicated the helicopter was operating with a Part 91 “General Aviation” certificate, not a Part 135 “Commercial Charter” certificate, which has tougher safety standards. “That means that you have maintenance programs, that means you have FAA oversight, that means you have an operations manual, you have a chief pilot, you have a director of operations, you have training standards,” said Sanger.

Sanger also claims many hog hunt operators are taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to fly up to six hunts a year with just a “General Aviation” certificate, if they stay within 25 miles of an airport and notify the FAA ahead of time. He believes the FAA needs to eliminate that loophole, or more hunters could end up like Thomas Swan, whose injuries have made it difficult to continue farming.

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