How to Choose the Right Aviation Lawyer

Aviation law is the branch of law related to air travel, air flight, the safety of passengers and their belongings, as well as aviation business concerns.

Technological improvements, aviation education, security regulations and training, as well as state, federal and international guidelines are all established and maintained to ensure safe and secure air travel. There are times, however, when passengers and/or their belongings are harmed during air travel. When this happens, passengers and their families need to know how to get the best possible care, assistance and legal advice in order to recover from an airplane accident, helicopter crash or any other type of aviation disaster.

Aviation Lawyer
How to Find an Experienced Aviation Lawyer

An aviation lawyer will help you evaluate grounds for a case if you or someone you know has a legal issue related to the aviation industry, such as product liability, wrongful death, injuries from a crash or any kind of circumstance that results in negligence or intentional harm. There can be many contributing factors in the case of an aviation incident, accident or fatal crash. Aviation lawyers know the rules that govern aircraft operation, flight safety, airport security, and other aviation regulations. They can investigate the issue for you and your family members in order to determine the best way to help resolve your situation.

It is important that you find and choose the right aviation lawyer for your specific needs – one who specializes in areas beneficial to your case. Skills to look for when choosing the right aviation lawyer:

  • An informed lawyer who understands the ultimate value of a claim and can assess the risks of moving forward with a lawsuit
  • A lawyer with knowledge of the subject matter of the case who has the specific skill set necessary to develop an aviation case. Having members of the law team who are also pilots, aviation engineers, nurses who are medical and forensic experts and aviation technicians – as well as skilled trial lawyers – is beneficial.
  • A lawyer who can cultivate relationships with the most thorough expert witnesses and consultants.

Keep in mind, a non-aviation lawyer might inadvertently omit key defendants from air crash lawsuits, simply because he or she lacks industry knowledge.

 Getting You the Results You Want

When choosing an aviation lawyer, ask yourself: Can he or she get the results you want and deserve? Key qualities to look for when choosing an aviation lawyer:

  • How many years of experience does the aviation law firm have? What kind of results and track record do they have?
  • What kind of industry recognition has the law firm received and what is their ranking among competitive law firms?
  • Who are the members of the team in the law firm you are researching? What areas of the law do they specialize in and what complex cases have they handled in the past that make them experts in their field? Are they able to handle national and international aviation accidents in order to file suit in the jurisdiction most advantageous to your case?
  • What method(s) will they use to investigate, research and try your case? How will they communicate with you and how often?
  • Does the law firm offer a free case evaluation?

Useful Resources for Finding the Right Lawyer

Make sure you choose a lawyer who can handle your specific needs and understands the complexity of your situation. Choose an aviation lawyer who has experience in the field and is able to go up against industry giants, such as commercial airliners, aircraft manufacturers and insurance companies. You will need an aviation attorney who has the knowledge to handle your case and is also compassionate and caring as he or she guides you through your case.

Resources for finding the best representation:

  • Research lawyer ratings on the Internet by going to lawyer-review websites such as or These websites offer information about the firm, client ratings and peer ratings. The ratings represent the law firm’s skills and ability, client responsiveness and quality of service.
  • Ask for referrals from other lawyers you know and trust.
  • Review local and state bar associations and organizations related to aviation law.
  • Once you have narrowed your aviation lawyer options, read articles they have written, and look for information regarding recognition they’ve received in their specific practice area.

Airline accidents, helicopter crashes and other aviation-related accidents are very stressful to the individuals who suffer injuries and loss as a result of an aviation disaster. The process of trying to understand the legal matters can be very complex and overwhelming. Take the time you need to recover from the initial shock of this unexpected and horrific event.

For 20 years, the aviation law firm of Slack Davis Sanger has fought and won legal battles of enormous consequence armed with these simple qualities: compassionate advocacy, power through precision and a deep understanding of the human condition. Slack Davis Sanger air crash litigation and aviation lawyers have litigated or handled cases involving national and international crashes. Our team of aviation attorneys includes a full-time nurse, aviation technicians, engineers and skilled trial lawyers. Our practice areas includes aviation law, such as commercial airline, helicopter, charter plane and private plane crashes, as well as aircraft and product liability cases and aviation business issues. We offer free consultation. Contact us today at 877.278.9273 or

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