Jury Awards $2 Million to Man Injured in 2007 Helicopter Crash

Slack Davis Sanger represented the injured plaintiff in this winning verdict.


A jury in the 327th Judicial District Court in El Paso County has awarded Slack Davis Sanger client – Border Patrol agent Steven Takacs – $2 million for his injuries sustained on May 22, 2007, when the helicopter in which he was a passenger/observer crashed during a routine mission.

In the November 16, 2012 decision, the jury found no negligence on the pilot and placed 100% of the fault on the failure of a hydraulic part in the flight control system – the hydraulic servo actuator manufactured by Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS.

Slack Davis Sanger represented Mr. Takacs. Defense attorneys representing Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS included John Proctor, Steve Howell and David Chant (Fort Worth); and Carlos Rincon and Cori Harbour (El Paso). El Paso County Judge Linda Yee Chew presided over the case.

“The manufacturer of the flight control component denied responsibility to the bitter end. It was a long, hard fight,” said Slack Davis Sanger. “We are proud and honored to have been able to successfully represent a good man who was badly hurt in the line of duty.”

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