KXAN and Associated Press Turn to Michael Slack to Discuss the Airplane Crash in Australia

As seen on KXAN and published by the Associated Press, Founding Partner Michael Slack  discusses the potential causes of the tragic airplane crash in Australia that killed an Australian pilot and four men from the Austin area.

The investigation should focus on three key areas – “The man, the machine and the environment,” said Slack in his KXAN interview. “Things like maintenance, weather, piloting, and engine design fall into one of those three buckets.” The pilot’s experience, the plane’s engine and weather could all create hazardous conditions he added.

In his Q&A with the Associated Press, Slack notes that there is a lot of work to be done in the investigation before attorneys can advise the family about pursuing litigation. “In this particular crash, there are a number of questions that have to be answered, such as ‘What happened? Who is responsible? And where can the case be brought against the responsible parties?’” Slack commented.

Watch the KXAN interview.

Read the Associated Press article.


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