Ladd Sanger Analyzes Woodsboro Aviation Crash

On Thursday afternoon on October 2nd, a Bell 206 helicopter crashed outside of Woodsboro critically injuring two passengers and the pilot. Partner Ladd Sanger with Slack Davis Sanger, a national law firm representing victims of aviation crashes and a licensed helicopter pilot said, “The pilot was doing a pipeline inspection when the helicopter lost power. In these scenarios, it requires a quicker response from the pilot and there are few options to land the helicopter.”

Mr. Sanger had assisted in aviation law with two similar helicopter crashes in the Dallas area (2002 and 2007) involving a 206 Bell helicopter, a case in which the helicopter was operating at low altitude and low speed. He added, “The 2007 Bell helicopter crash lost engine power as a result of a failing compressor wheel, and the 2002 crash lost engine power as a result of the backing off of the PC air line ‘B’ nut due to the improper installation by the company maintenance personnel. Accidents involving the Bell helicopter have had various causes, including engine failure, tail rotor failure or hand torque issues causing very difficult situations for a pilot.”

Mr. Sanger is available to give background on the recent 206 Bell crash, including:

–Why the tail rotor issue is much more serious when the helicopter is flying at low air speed.
–Other issues that come into play when flying a helicopter at low speed.
–The similarities between Thursday’s Bell helicopter crash and other Bell crashes.

This crash also hits close to home for Partner Michael Slack, a licensed pilot, who was born and raised in Refugio, TX.

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