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Using an Uber is a convenient and friendly way to travel around Fort Worth. Anyone with the Uber app can request a ride. Workers, students, residents, and visitors all use rideshare services on a regular basis. However, there are risks involved with using Uber and rideshares. Any careless driver can cause an accident, including rideshare drivers, which can put their passengers in danger.

At Slack Davis Sanger, our personal injury lawyers have more than 200 years of combined experience. Our Fort Worth attorneys are skilled at showing how accidents happen and who is responsible. Our lawyers understand what insurance coverage pays for your damages if an Uber driver is off-duty, looking for a passenger, or has agreed to transport a passenger.

What types of accidents do Uber drivers cause?

Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers represent the occupants of the Uber vehicle, the occupants of other vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians. We represent anyone injured or killed in a head-on crash, rear-end, broadside accident, intersection accident, single-vehicle accident, or a multi-vehicle crash.

Our attorneys represent victims when an Uber accident is caused by defective car parts. At Slack Davis Sanger, we also fight for anyone who is sexually or physically assaulted by an Uber driver.

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What causes rideshare accidents in Fort Worth?

The prime cause of rideshare accidents is distracted driving. Many drivers are so eager to book their next ride, they’re constantly looking at their smartphones instead of the road. Many Uber drivers don’t know the Fort Worth roads and popular attractions. This means that they may be looking at a GPS system instead of the highway.

Other common causes of rideshare accidents in Fort Worth are:

  • Driving while tired
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Speeding
  • Running through red lights and stop signs
  • Not paying attention to traffic conditions
  • Failing to use caution in bad weather
  • Failing to obey the Texas motor vehicle laws

Uber drivers are required to be especially careful because they are transporting paying passengers.

What are common injuries from Uber car accidents?

Our Fort Worth Uber accident lawyers understand how traumatic and overwhelming car accidents and injuries can be. We fight for victims who have catastrophic injuries, permanent injuries, and injuries that require extensive medical care. At Slack Davis Sanger, we represent victims who have one or more of the following injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and head trauma
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Burn injuries that cause scarring and disfigurement
  • Bone fractures, including multiple and complex fractures
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Ligament, nerve, tissue, and muscle damage
  • Vision or hearing loss
  • Sexual assaults
  • Other severe injuries

We review the full scope of your injuries with your physicians, including what medical care you’ll need for the rest of your life, how much pain and suffering you’re enduring, and how your injuries have changed your life. Our lawyers also file wrongful death claims if a loved one dies due to a rideshare accident.

Who is responsible for an Uber accident in Fort Worth?

Different defendants may be liable for your injuries and losses, depending on how the accident occurred. The Uber driver is often the primary defendant. Other defendants may include other at-fault drivers, the owners of any vehicles involved in the accident, manufacturers of defective car parts, the Texas Department of Transportation in the event unsafe road conditions caused your accident, and other responsible defendants.

What insurance pays my damages from an Uber accident?

Insurance coverage differs depending on whether the Uber driver was off duty, looking for passengers, or committed to transporting a passenger. The insurance coverages that apply are generally the following:

Off-duty Uber drivers and other drivers. Texas insurance law requires that all car owners have at least 30/60/25 liability insurance. This coverage insures victims as follows:

  • $30,000 for injuries to one person.
  • $60,000 for injuries to more than one person in one accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

On-duty Uber drivers. According to Uber, an on-duty Uber driver must have 50/100/25 coverage. The Uber driver must inform the carrier that they are working for Uber. Uber “may” pay for this insurance upgrade.

Uber drivers who are picking up a passenger or have a passenger in their car. Drivers must have $1 million for bodily injury and property damage (total) per accident. Normally, Uber pays for this coverage.

Other insurance coverage. Injured victims may be able to use their own medical coverage or a passenger’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. They can use their own health insurance. Our lawyers will explain when passengers and other victims can use their or Uber’s uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) coverage.

Uber drivers in Texas must be 21 or older, have the required minimum insurance, pass a background check, own their vehicle (which must be registered in Texas), and pass a DMV check.

Do your Fort Worth Uber accident lawyers represent sexual assault victims?

Yes. If a passenger is physically or sexually assaulted, we file personal injury claims on their behalf. We work with the police if any criminal charges have been filed. Our team also works with counselors and professionals who understand the unique challenges assault victims face. We demand compensation for all your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. In addition, we file a claim for punitive damages to help deter any assaults of other passengers.

How do you determine damages in a Fort Worth Uber accident?

Our Fort Worth Uber accident lawyers demand that the Uber driver and any other responsible parties for all your damages, from the date of the accident for as long as you need help or have any pain. In many cases, rideshare accident victims need help for the rest of their lives.

Our claim for damages includes all your:

  • Medical costs – current and future
  • Income and benefit loss – current and if you cannot work in the future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Loss of consortium (marital relations)

Do you have an Uber accident lawyer near me?

Slack Davis Sanger’s Fort Worth office are located at 100 Lexington Street, Suite 70. We also have locations in Austin and Dallas for your convenience.

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