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Charter and tour air helicopters often transport busy executives, vacation travelers, high-profile athletes, musicians, government officials and celebrities. In most of these cases, pilots might feel tremendous pressures to maintain schedules and fulfill flight commitments, even when unsafe conditions suddenly appear. Flying in poor weather, at night or in an overloaded aircraft can be recipes for disaster. Federal laws determine the safety standards for pilots, crew and other employees of charter and tour operators, as defined by Chapter 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Sections 121 and 135. Section 121 applies to large commercial aircraft that hold 30 passengers or more. Section 135 applies to smaller, commuter or air taxi aircraft that hold fewer than 30 passengers.

Slack Davis Sanger aviation lawyers are experienced litigators who understand the specific issues surrounding charter and tour regulations − and air crashes. Prominent celebrity cases resolved by Slack Davis Sanger include the helicopter crash that killed blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Representing surviving families in such cases requires special sensitivity. It also requires the ability to project, document and recover potential future earnings of the deceased. Complex helicopter crashes need strong technical and legal skills due to the many potential theories of liability under state, federal and international law. This knowledge and deep insight into all facets of the aviation industry enables them, where appropriate, to file suit in jurisdictions most advantageous to our clients. Slack Davis Sanger helicopter accident attorneys have extensive experience in a variety of helicopter crash claims. Slack Davis Sanger attorney Ladd Sanger adds specific insight as a licensed helicopter pilot. Slack Davis Sanger offers clients the legal savvy, technical knowledge and financial resources to pursue cases against formidable adversaries. As always, our mission is to aggressively seek advantageous resolutions for our clients.

Slack Davis Sanger’ Successes in Handling Tour Helicopter Crashes

The following are a representative list of cases litigated by Slack Davis Sanger’ tour helicopter accident attorneys.

  • Charter helicopter with three-person film crew on board collided with buildings, leading to serious passenger injuries in Indiana, Pennsylvania in April 2011. There were no casualties
  • Helicopters hit power line while maneuvering a ravine in Bloomfield, New Mexico, in May 2000, causing 2 deaths.
  • Sightseeing charter helicopter’s tail rotor failed and tail rotor gearbox separated from helicopter’s inflight in Haena, Hawaii in March 2007. There was 1 death as a result of the failure.

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Slack Davis Sanger attorneys are experienced trial lawyers with a record of outstanding verdicts in tour helicopter accident cases, who also have substantial experience and credentials as pilots and engineers. Our goal is to obtain the optimum recovery in the shortest time possible.

For two decades tour helicopter accident attorneys of Slack Davis Sanger, led by Michael L. Slack, have fought and won legal battles on behalf of the victims of tour helicopter crashes.

If you or a loved one has suffered severe life-altering injuries or even death, we can help you through this difficult time. Nothing is more important to us than getting you the help you need. We bring knowledge and understanding of an aircraft’s history and components to every case.

Slack Davis Sanger are aviation professionals with experience as aerospace engineers, pilots and flight instructors.