Three Slack Davis Sanger Cases Make 2012 Top Texas Verdicts List

Three of our winning verdicts made the 2012 Top Texas Verdicts list, sponsored by Verdict Search and Texas Lawyer magazine. This list is included in the May 27, 2013, issue of Texas Lawyer. Needless to say, we are very proud of our attorneys and their legal teams!

Case: Estate of Robinett v. Estate of Kinikin
Category Ranking: #1 Aviation
Court: Willacy County District Court, 197th
Slack Davis Sanger attorneys: Ladd Sanger, Paula Sweeney

Case: Takacs v. Eurocopter SAS
Category Ranking: #2 Products Liability
Court: El Paso County District Court, 327th
Slack Davis Sanger attorney

Case: Leduc v. Oriental Building Services Inc.
Category Ranking: #7 Motor Vehicle
Court: Dallas County District Court, 298th
Slack Davis Sanger attorneys: Mike Davis, Paula Sweeney

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