How to Choose the Right Aviation Lawyer

Aviation law is the branch of law related to air travel, air flight, the safety of passengers and their belongings, as well as aviation business concerns.

Technological improvements, aviation education, security regulations and training, as well as state, federal and international guidelines are all established and maintained to ensure safe and secure air travel. There are times, however, when passengers and/or their belongings are harmed during air travel. When this happens, passengers and their families need to know how to get the best possible care, assistance and legal advice in order to recover from an airplane accident, helicopter crash or any other type of aviation disaster.

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Slack & Davis Attorneys Credited with Helping Determine Cause of Airplane Crash

Sometimes, the system works. But, as you will read below, sometimes not without the help of a knowledgeable and diligent aviation law team. The article, “Unfit for Flight,” written by Thomas Frank and featured in yesterday’s USA Today, outlines a serious problem in that, “Nearly 45,000 people have been killed over the past five decades in private planes and helicopters — almost nine times the number that have died in airline crashes — and federal investigators have cited pilots as causing or contributing to 86% of private crashes. But a USA TODAY investigation shows repeated instances in which crashes, deaths and injuries were caused by defective parts and dangerous designs, casting doubt on the government’s official rulings…”

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