Connecticut Aviation Resources

Connecticut, part of New England and the Tri-State area, was vital to America’s history. The state is counter as one of the Thirteen Colonies to revolt against British rule at the time of the American Revolution, and then later played a large role in the development of the United States’ federal government. It is also the state where the first helicopter free-flight occurred.

The state’s rolling mountains, horse farms and water activities keep residents and tourists entertained and are accessible by all forms of aviation including airplanes, helicopters or seaplanes.

While it is not directly on the ocean, visitors can access the Atlantic Ocean easily between the Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound. Visitors hoping to experience life in a colonial town can experience iconic white church buildings, colonial meeting houses and colonial taverns and homes – thanks to Connecticut’s commitment to historic preservation.

Connecticut Helicopter

On May 13, 1940, Igor Sikorsky made the first un-tethered helicopter flight in Stratford, Connecticut. Today, Sikorsky Aircraft’s Stratford plant continues to manufacture helicopters and produces aircraft to meet military and commercial needs. United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Sikorsky’s parent company, employs more than 22,000 employees in Connecticut. They are also responsible for the jet-engine production under Pratt & Whitney.

Most of southern and western Connecticut is associated with the New York metropolitan area, and many Connecticut residents commute for work daily to New York City and surrounding areas. Helicopters and general aviation airplanes are popular modes of transportation. Numerous Connecticut heliports are located across the state and serve tourists, residents, and emergency medical service (HEMS) teams daily.

Hartford Airports

Bradley International Airport is located 15 miles north of Hartford and serves as the state’s only international airport. The regional airports such as Tweed New Haven Regional Airport and Waterbury-Oxford Airport are widely used by residents for their easy access to nearby cities. The Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford is mainly used for cargo, helicopter flights and private aviation.

Connecticut pilots are able to utilize a handful of seaplane bases along the Connecticut River. Essex, Enfield and Winsted each contain an operational seaplane base for private and commercial use. Many tourists enjoy scenic flights over the Connecticut River and surrounding areas.

Connecticut Airplane Crashes

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