Louisiana Aviation Resources

Louisiana residents rely heavily on general aviation for travel, business, tourism and emergency rescues. Visitors fly in from all over the country to experience Louisiana’s historic sites, beautiful architecture and enjoy the local seafood.

The petroleum industry also relies on Louisiana’s airports, small planes and helicopters to conduct business. Offshore site visits are a daily occurrence and made possible with the regular availability of helicopters and helicopter pilots.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s capital, and New Orleans, the most populous city, are big draws for visitors wanting to experience everything Louisiana has to offer. Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, visitors can experience wetlands, swamps and deltas that are unique to the area. General aviation makes visiting these protected areas possible through the heliports and private seaplane airports located throughout Louisiana’s parishes.

Louisiana Airports

There are over 62 public-use and general aviation airports in Louisiana. The state is also home to 37 repair stations and seven FAA-approved pilot schools. The majority of visitors use Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport because of its proximity to New Orleans and the rest of southeast Louisiana.

The six other commercial airports in Louisiana allow visitors and residents to access the entire state, as well as serve as connecting hubs for airlines such as American Airlines and United Airlines. Alexandria International Airport is the only other commercial airport to offer international service.

Lafayette Regional Airport serves the southwest portion of Louisiana and handles much of the air cargo operations for the area. Bell Helicopter uses the airport to assemble its SLS helicopters. This provides an economic boost to residents of Lafayette, bringing aviation and manufacturing jobs to the area.

Offshore Helicopters

Offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has provided many jobs and economic benefits. Because the rigs are not accessible by vehicles other than helicopters, there have also been helicopter crashes associated with offshore drilling sites.

Slack Davis Sanger aviation attorneys have successfully represented families of those killed in offshore helicopter crashes, including:

  • In July 2004, a Bell 206L-1 aircraft crashed in the Gulf of Mexico after it departed from Cameron, Louisiana.
  • In January 2009, a Sikorsky S-76C offshore helicopter transport crashed en route to an offshore oil platform from Morgan City, Louisiana.

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