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Nebraska is located in the Great Plains section of the United States. Lewis and Clark, the Pony Express, and the California Gold Rush played important roles in the discovery and founding of Nebraska.  The treeless prairies that comprise most of the state are excellent for grazing cattle. It is understandable then, that cattle and corn are the top exports for Nebraska.

Lincoln is the state capital. Originally named Lancaster, the city was renamed after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, is located on the Missouri River. As early Americans began to travel en masse to California during the California Gold Rush, some families chose to stay in Omaha. The soil was fertile and the Missouri River provided a consistent source of water. Nebraskans past and present have adapted to the many tornadoes and strong thunderstorms that affect the area.

Air transportation is responsible for more than 5,000 jobs for Nebraska residents. Community airports across the state provide aerial firefighting, medical emergency helicopter services (HEMS) and search-and-rescue aircraft. Farmers and ranchers depend on local pilots for wildlife management and agricultural spraying. This is perhaps the most important use of aviation in Nebraska due to the vital roles livestock and farming play in Nebraska’s economy.

Nebraska Airports

Air travel is a unifying factor in Nebraska. There are 13 private charter flight companies, such as Jet Linx, which is a national charter flight provider and is headquartered in Omaha. There are also 12 FAA-approved repair stations, and several FAA-approved flight schools, such as the Nebraska Flight Center. There are also three main airports. The first is Eppley Airfield in Omaha, a medium hub airport – the largest airport in Nebraska. It has connecting flights to Dallas and Chicago, which allow Nebraska residents to make international flights easily. Second, the Central Nebraska Regional Airport is located in Grand Island, Nebraska. It is a regional airport and serves residents and business travelers. Nebraska even has its own Seaplane Base just north of the Nebraska-Kansas Border. The Harlan County Lake Seaplane Base was once owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers and is open to the public.

The third main airport is the Lincoln Airport, a public and military airport located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Its main runway once served as an emergency landing site for space shuttles on their return flights. Now the large runway is used for the visiting college football teams and their large airliners. Due to the popularity of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, many people from all over the country fly into Lincoln for football games.

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