Wyoming Aviation Resources

Located in the mountain region in the Western United States, Wyoming holds the record as the least populous state in the US. The population is spread out across the cowboy state, making it the second least densely populated state in the country. The eastern third of the state is known as the High Plains, yet Wyoming is also known for its mountains: The Big Horn Mountains are in the north central region, the Sierra Madre range is in the southern part of the state and the Teton Range in the northwest part of Wyoming. The Grand Teton National Park is comprised partly of the Teton Range, and the Grand Teton is the second highest peak in the state, with Gannett Peak being the highest peak.

Roughly 91% of Wyoming is classified as rural land. This is ideal for ranchers and those wishing for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of congested cities. One way to escape city life is to visit Yellowstone National Park. The majority of Yellowstone National Park, which became the world’s first national park in 1872, lies within the northwestern borders of Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park is a major draw for visitors from all over the country, researchers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are several regional airports for locals to utilize which are served by larger airports in Colorado and Utah.

Wyoming Airports

Wyoming has 10 public-use airports that have at least one commercial airline carrier. Many travelers choose to utilize Salt Lake City and Denver airports as connecting hubs in order to access hundreds of destinations. With many regional and larger public airports, residents and visitors still have many options to fly into the state. Pilots have 8 repair stations to choose from when it comes time to perform FAA required maintenance. Most of Wyoming’s airports are equipped to handle the necessary repairs on general aviation airplanes and helicopters.

Jackson Hole Airport is the busiest airport. Located in the western portion of the state, it offers numerous flights destined for cities across the country: From San Francisco to New York City. The Jackson Hole Airport is located entirely within the Grand Teton National Park: A beautiful sight to welcome passengers,and a stunning final look of the state upon departure. Jackson Hole Airport is also home to Jedediah’s At the Airport, famous for their sourdough jacks, a meal enjoyed as much today as it was by early explorers over 100 years ago. The original location just off the Town Square is closed, but lucky travelers can still experience a Jackson Hole favorite.

The Cheyenne Regional Airport, located in the southeastern part of Wyoming, offers commercial service to Denver International Airport and select local cities. The Casper/Natrona County International Airport boasts the title of the only international airport in Wyoming. Serving the central Wyoming area, this smaller airport is seeing its number of enplaned passengers steadily increase.


Wyoming Airplane Crash Lawyers

Wyoming’s aviation needs are unique because so much of the state is rural. Communities are spread out, yet still require basic amenities such as medical care and transportation. General and commercial aviation can meet those needs of Wyoming residents. Small airplanes and helicopters assure that people who live and work in remote areas receive urgent medical care when they need it via air ambulances and medical helicopters. Aviation also allows people to enjoy hobbies such as hunting and fishing by decreasing the time it takes to get to hunting ground or a fishing spot.

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